Decentralizing Twitter For A More Equitable Future

DECENTRALIZING Twitter For A More Equitable Future Together, We’re Going To Buy Twitter Or Build Something Even Better

Twitter is a centralized platform, ultimately beholden to its shareholders and incentivized to maximize profit rather than creating the best and most equitable experience for its users.

Together, we can create the next Twitter – a platform that is by the people and for the people, giving every user a voice. ELONDROP is the largest crypto onboarding event in history, offering every Twitter user the opportunity to claim free tokens and join the fight for decentralization.




ELONDROP is a movement to ensure the decentralization of Twitter. A movement for the hundreds of millions of people that use Twitter and have never been rewarded for making it what it is. We’re giving voices to the masses to decentralize Twitter and turn it into the protocol it was always meant to be.

We’re going over the heads of the establishment to offer all Twitter users a deal: full control over their username in a crypto wallet, plus a share of the new Twitter’s coin. With ~330 million active Twitter users, this will serve as the largest airdrop and crypto onboarding event in history. Users can simply tweet to claim their tokens and join the group who serves as a worldwide panel of delegates to govern the future of ELONDROP.

ELONDROP is a fully functioning crypto wallet, allowing users to buy, sell, send, swap & receive cryptocurrency. The wallet features the lowest fees of any crypto wallet, and all fee proceeds are directly allocated to the treasury.

Road Map

$ELONDROP Token Launch

A new concept of showing content in your web page with more interactive way.

ELONDROP Wallet Launch

Fully functional crypto wallet (ISO / Google Play Compatible)

Allocation & Ownership

All current Twitter users can claim $ELONDROP allocation and ownership over Twitter username

ELONDAO Launched

$ELONDROP holders vote on ownership of new decentralized platform

ELONDAO Treasury

can be leveraged by community to buy Twitter or fund development of a new decentralized platform